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Language test instructions

The following instructions are for tests carried out in the computer rooms; from September 2022, this will be normal procedure.
In some specific situations (e.g. admission tests for international students), the tests could be done online.
Click here for instructions about online tests.

How to sign up

Registration for the test must be done on the Esse3 platform*; students who have not registered for the exam can not take the test.
(* For some types of tests, such as pre-requisite ones or Erasmus Outgoing, registration can be done through the Student Secretariat or through special Forms online, as an alternative to Esse3)

Convocation of students

Once exam registration has closed, an email will be sent with information regarding the exact date and time of your test.
Please be punctual and respect the time given. Access to the room has been organised to avoid creating crowds, but students could have to wait to get in.
For existing UNIVPM students, all communication will be made via your university email address.

Test details

The test will be carried out on the Moodle platform.

Test day

Students are required to come at the time given with:
  • Valid photo ID
  • Wired headphones with a 3.5mm jack (wifi headphones, Airpods and similar are not allowed)
  • Username and password for Esse3 (to be known by memory, the use of phones is not permitted)

Not respecting the time given, or coming without some of the above, could result in not being able to do the test.

Test results

The results of the tests will be published on this page:

The results of the prerequisite tests will not be published but sent directly to the Commissions.