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Self-study centres

All UNIVPM students and staff can access the resources in the CSAL self-study centres in order to learn or to improve their skills in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

These resources are particularly important for students who cannot attend the UNIVPM language courses and are useful for integrating coursework, especially when beginning to study a new language. 

The self-study centres also have a vast assortment of materials which can be used to prepare for internationally recognized language certificates (DELEDELF DALFCambridge EnglishTOEFL,  CELIGoethe-Zertifikate).

The University e-learning platform includes lessons and materials to help prepare for Faculty language tests and international certification. Select “Corsi CSAL” to see what’s available. The language teachers can be contacted through the online Forums or by e-mail for further assistance.

Our experienced language teachers will guide you in your choice of material and our technical staff will help to resolve any problems you may encounter.

Check the language consultancy service timetable.

In order to access the resources in the self-study centres you need to book a seat on the platform
It is not necessary to book in advance.

There is no library lending service, except for magazines and fiction which can only be borrowed from the CSAL self-study centre at the Faculty of Economics.
Please ask the reception desk for further information.