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Erasmus (Outgoing)

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Each semester, the CSAL Language Centre organises activities to enhance language proficiency (English, French, Spanish, German) for UNIVPM students who have been given Erasmus grants.
All courses will be held face-to-face in a classroom. 
The courses are also open to other UNIVPM students interested in improving their language level.

See the Erasmus outgoing course schedule.

CSAL organises the following courses:

To complement the lessons, there are also, courses available on the University e-learning platform, in the section:

No specific English courses are organised for Erasmus Outgoing students in the first semester; however, all CSAL courses are available to all UNIVPM students.
See the timetable of courses currently offered.

For some of the languages not covered by CSAL courses, students can take advantage of the eLOCAL project.

For further information, please contact:


CSAL TEST for a language level certificate, valid for international mobility

At the end of the courses, there will be tests to issue a language level certificate valid exclusively for the purposes of international mobility

The tests consist of a computer test and an oral test.

  • To participate in the oral test, students must have passed the written test;
  • The results of the written test will be valid until the last test of the semester, students who do not pass the oral test can retake it in the following session without having to retake the written part again;
  • the last oral test of the semester will be fixed following the last written test, there will be no additional dates;
  • there will be no further test dates for those who fail both tests by the last session. 

The dates of the tests for outgoing Erasmus students are available here:
Erasmus exam dates for students and sign up forms.